A Galilee Beer Tasting

Posted on March 5, 2011


My 18 year old son is remarkably responsible about drinking and driving. He meets friends in pubs on the weekends and is appalled when I ask him if he drank alcohol. “Mom, I was driving!” he replies, incredulous that I even asked.

Yesterday we happened to be out grocery shopping together and we noticed the selection of beers, which included offerings from several new micro-breweries. “Why don’t we do a Galilee beer tasting?” I suggested. That way we could enjoy a beer together without leaving the house. “Sure”, he replied, and we searched the various bottles for any that were produced in the Galilee.

In the end we took two – a brown ale from the Butterfly brewery in the Dalton Industrial Area, and a light beer from the Assif brewery in Ramot Naftaly – both are in the Upper Galilee. We decided to do our beer-tasting over our Saturday lunch – a risotto that I made with fresh wild asparagus we’d gathered the day before.

The Butterfly ale was dark and rather sweet – I tasted chocolate and my husband said it reminded him of the non-alcoholic malt beer that is popular here. The Assif was strikingly different – fruity but full bodied. And with that, we felt that we had exhausted our stock of adjectives.

My son thought that something should be mentioned about the “head”, but at that point, my head was already past discerning the nuances. Good thing there was more risotto, and a nice afternoon nap to follow. The bottom line from our beer-tasting is that visiting these new, boutique breweries that are springing up is yet another reason to go exploring the Upper Galilee.