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Long-lost Relations

November 9, 2013


Last week I got a call that was entirely unexpected, from a man inquiring about a culinary tour.  Nothing unusual about that.  But then he went on to explain that we are, in fact, related – that my mother’s grandmother and his father’s grandmother were sisters.  My mother does not have a large family, and […]

The Next Installment

September 24, 2013


For my birthday last month, I received a book each from two close friends.  Each one of them – the books and the friends – has made a tremendous impression on me. At long last, I have my own copy of the wonderful Jerusalem cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.  I find much that […]

Paradox with a P

October 28, 2012


It seems like one of the paradoxes of adult life is how to interject variety into a healthy but potentially boring routine.  I was thinking about this just this morning as I prepared, yet again, the same breakfast I have been eating for years – yogurt, a few tablespoons of raw rolled oats, some chopped […]

Culinary Tours of the Galilee Launched!

February 23, 2009


How pleased I am that Culinary Tours of the Galilee has been officially launched, and in such an auspicious way.  Over one week, I led two groups, both through the US Embassy, thanks to my wonderful new colleague and friend Bob, who is officially in charge of the general wellbeing of the embassy staff, but […]

Why Can’t We Cook Together?

January 9, 2009


These past weeks I’ve been feeling too disheartened to write, but the outings I had yesterday and today, investigating places for my culinary tours, did much to lift my spirits.  I started Thursday morning at Lavona Grove, on an exceptionally beautiful slope overlooking the Sea of Galilee. That morning, missiles from Lebanon had hit sites […]

Scouting the Western Galilee

December 12, 2008


Ron and I just came back from two days roaming through the Western Galilee, scouting out interesting places for my culinary tours.  This is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of starting this business.  Driving east from the Mediterranean, a few miles below the northern border, our first stop was the community of Klil, […]