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Breaking Bread in Galilee

May 3, 2012


I consider it very auspicious timing, that my new book – Breaking Bread in Galilee – A Culinary Journey into the Promised Land – has entered the world during the height of spring.  These days, there is gold everywhere you look, in vast waves of wheat stalks rolling in the breeze, or shorn and flattened […]

A Culinary Tour of Nazareth for the iPhone

April 14, 2012


I am not the most technologically apt blogger out there, but when I was approached by the editor of Rama Tours to prepare a culinary tour for the iPhone, I took the opportunity to grab a foothold in the mobile world. I decided to focus my tour on Nazareth – in terms of the quality […]

A Circassian Find

July 17, 2010


The Circassian community in Israel is very small and not well known.  Originally from a mountainous region in the Caucuses near the Black Sea, they were brutally driven out of their land by the Russians in the 19th century, then embraced by the Ottoman Turks, who settled them throughout their empire.  The men were famed […]

Bedouin Hospitality

August 22, 2009


Thank goodness some relief has come from the monotony of these long, hot summer days.  Ramadan begins today and a few days ago I paid a pre-holiday visit to my good friends Maryam and her sister Emna, in the neighboring Bedouin village of Basmat Tabun.  I haven’t seen them for some time – they used […]

Scouting the Western Galilee

December 12, 2008


Ron and I just came back from two days roaming through the Western Galilee, scouting out interesting places for my culinary tours.  This is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of starting this business.  Driving east from the Mediterranean, a few miles below the northern border, our first stop was the community of Klil, […]