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Sweet as Carob Syrup

September 21, 2014


For years I’ve wanted to observe how carob syrup is made.  Like many of the highly labor-intensive, traditional Palestinian foodways, carob syrup production is barely practiced anymore.  But several weeks ago, on a visit to Abu Malek in Kufar Manda, I saw an enormous pile of carob pods on the front porch.  Fall is carob season […]

An Okra Post

July 23, 2013


This is a summer post about generosity, serendipity, and okra. On a recent visit to my esteemed friends Abu Malek and Um Malek in Kfar Manda, inevitably I left bearing gifts – two plastic bags with produce freshly picked that morning – the lubia (fresh black eyed peas in their casings) and okra that Um […]

Forgetting the Bulgar

December 14, 2012


Learning Arabic is confoundingly difficult.  I have learned languages in my life – Spanish, French and Hebrew – but Arabic is something completely different.   I have never invested so much time and effort, with such meager results, as in my study of Arabic. The rules of grammar, the vocabulary, the accent – each of them […]

Pining for Fakus

June 30, 2012


Summertime – and fakus are in season.  Fakus are like a downy, zucchini-skinned cucumber but tangier, crunchier and more refreshing than your average cuke.  They are eaten raw, without peeling – their fuzz is as inoffensive as that of a peach.  I first encountered fakus in the “baal” vegetable field of friends – who grow […]

Pure Gold

July 27, 2010


One Friday morning a few weeks ago, I arrived at Kfar Manda for my weekly Arabic lesson, and as I climbed the stairs to my teacher, Malek’s apartment, on the porch/roof I noticed piles of wheat laid out on a canvas drying in the sun (where was my camera when I needed it?).  Um Malek […]

Olive Harvest Fund-Raiser

November 11, 2009


The olive harvest in the Galilee usually starts after the first serious rain, which rinses off the dust and plumps up the fruit.  In the one year on, one year off cycle of olive trees, this is an off year, and the price of oil – more than $150 for a 16-liter container – reflects […]

Sesame Revealed

October 5, 2009


From a recent discussion with a friend, I realized that there is a general lack of awareness about how sesame grows.  And since I recently became enlightened on the subject, it seems proper to share my insight with the curious.  While sesame is a crop that was traditionally grown in the Galilee, these days most […]